MIT Saxophone Ensemble

Made in Taiwan (MIT) Saxophone Ensemble was formed in 2013 by talented Taiwanese saxophonists who have studied in the United States, France, Japan, Thailand, and the Netherlands. As an emerging chamber group, the MIT has held over 50 concerts and events since forming in 2013. In 2016, the MIT invited Lars Mlekusch to serve as artistic director, and has collaborated with numerous other great musicians including Marija Aupy, Vincent David, Philippe Geiss, Hiroshi Hara, Gregory Letombe, Yo Matsushita, Masanori Oishi, Nicolas Prost, Debra Richtmeyer, Alexandre Souillart, Nobuya Sugawa, and the FIVE SAX Quintet.

As a pioneer saxophone ensemble in Taiwan, the MIT Saxophone Ensemble makes it a duty to expand the saxophone ensemble repertoire. In addition to arranging works for the ensemble, the group continuously commissions new works by active composers, including Philippe Geiss, Hao-Yuan Chiu, Che-Yi Lee, and Chihchun Chi-sun Lee. The MIT is also devoted to promoting the saxophone in Taiwan and bringing it into the mainstream by holding masterclasses, lectures, recitals, and outreach concerts. Most notably, there are currently more than 20 ensembles and over 200 players that are coached by the MIT. Members of these ensembles vary in age from youth to adults, and beginners to college music majors.

Having defined themselves as a versatile chamber group, the MIT Saxophone Ensemble always enjoys being innovative with their performances, teaching, and other aspects of the group’s artistry. The broad interests of members contribute to this characteristic, and lead the group to have wider and deeper influences that are essential to improving the local saxophone society and audience.


MIT Saxophone Ensemble
Cheng-Yen Chang
Chih-Yu Chang
Po-Fang Chang
Li -Fong Chen
Pin-Hua Chen
Li-Chun Hsiao
Pai-Haw Huang
Tzu-Yun Huang
Cheng-Chieh Lee
Tsung-Tzu Lee
Meng-Shuan Lin
Tey Tat Keng

Soloists from MIT Saxophone Ensemble
Chih-Yu Chang
Li-Fong Chen
Pei-Han Huang


3 August 2019, 9pm: Recital by MIT Saxophone Ensemble

Chia-Hua Tsai: 風中漣漪 Ripples of the Wind

Hsuan-Hung Chou: 恆春古城 – 瑯嶠之憶 Hengchun Ancient City – Memories of Lonkjouw

Hao-Yuan Chiu: 失魂 Fugue

Hao-Yuan Chiu: 慶長生 Benidictus

4 August 2019, 5pm: Recital by Soloists from MIT Saxophone Ensemble

Gerald Preinfalk: Tri Oti Logie
Chih-Yu Chang, saxophone

Wen-Chi Tsai: 艾瑪的苔癬圖鑑 Alma’s Field Guide to Mosses
Pei-Han Huang, saxophone

Yi-Hsien Chen:《鯤》Light of Inner Steps for Saxophone Solo
Li-Fong Chen, saxophone