Opus a la Carte Collective

Opus a la Carte aims at promoting Hong Kong emerging musicians to the public. With the goal of setting a higher standard, Opus a la Carte has gathered local saxophonists to form a collective performing group. The group now consists of a jazz saxophone quartet (The Capital S.), a saxophone duo focused on electronic and media elements (Saxo-Electro), and a traditional saxophone quartet (Sax4tet by Opus a la Carte).

In 2016, Opus a la Carte co-presented a charity event for the benefit of Operation Santa Claus. The collective has also collaborated with Hong Kong composers Dr. Austin Yip, Mr. Alex Yiu, and Miss Ho-Ling Tang; American composer Mr. Frank Nawrot; and Hong Kong musician/photographer Mr. Kurt Chan for numerous innovative programmes. In 2018, Saxo-Electro has been invited to perform at the 18th World Saxophone Congress, and Sax4tet by Opus a la Carte has been invited to perform at the Singapore Saxophone Symposium.

Opus a la Carte has created an online platform providing free tutorial and informative content for the public.